The VEGA 555 SOCIAL CLUB is hosting a Health/Wealth Fair on April 23rd 2024. We are currently looking for vendors (health & fitness, self-care, R/E Agent, Sellers of Insurance, PrePaid funeral services, Travel Agent, neighborhood services, etc.) to offer information on services offered to the Community. If you are interested, the vend fee is only $25 which includes a table, biz name on flyer, and biz page of our website (if signed up by February 28th). After the 28th, name on physical flyer is not guaranteed. Please sign up on the on-line form to the right or print paper form below and contact us at 312-488-9555.




VEGA 555 SOCIAL CLUB is the name we operate under for our social activities, so anytime you hear that name, see our colors (Teal and Pink) or our know it's a New Star Chapter #555 production! 


Why did we choose the name VEGA 555?  Well....


Vega is the brightest of 5 stars in the northern constellation of Lyra.  It is also the 5th brightest star in the night sky.  Believe it or not, Vega is 2.1 times the size of our own sun!...and our favorite number is 5!